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BMI 5311 Foundations of Biomedical Information Sciences II

3 semester credit hours
Lecture contact hours: 2; Lab contact hours: 3
Web-based and classroom instruction
Prerequisite: BMI 5310
Lab Fee: $30

This course provides an overview of theories and methods that are broadly applicable to all health informaticians. Students will be exposed to a variety of theories and frameworks needed to pursue study in biomedical informatics. In-demand skills such as working effectively in interprofessional teams, as well as creating and delivering an effective presentation will be demonstrated. This class will also present various informatics career paths for students.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of different data representational approaches.
  • Evaluate health information systems and technology through the lens of human factors, socio-cognitive theories and methods, as well as socio-technical systems analysis.
  • Participate in an interprofessional team analyzing current health informatics challenges.
  • Coordinate a group presentation.
  • Compare and contrast potential career goals consistent with interest areas.