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Academic Calendar

Summer 2023
Apr 3 Last day to notify Practicum Coordinator of Summer Practicum registration
Apr 3 - May 18 New Student McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics Orientation
open in Canvas
Apr 12 - May 12 MyUTH Registration
May 12 Fee payment due
May 15 12W First Class Day
May 15 Financial Aid Dates
Financial Aid check release date
May 15 - 24 Late fee payment - $25 Late Fee is assessed starting
May 15 - 18 Late MyUTH Registration
Late Registration Fee of $25.00 assessed
Students may not register after late registration closes
May 15 - 18

Adds/Drops via MyUTH
No transcript entry for Drops

Complete Withdrawals (all classes) during above
Add/drop dates: Must submit Resignation Form

May 25 Census Day 12 Weeks
May 25 12th Class Day Drop for Non-payment
May 29 Memorial Day
June 19 Juneteenth
June 23 Last Day to drop with a withdrawal grade of “W” Must process drop form
June 23 Last day to submit Change of Academic Plan
June 30 Deadlines
All McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics August graduates must be enrolled in the Summer 2023 semester in order to graduate.
Jul 3 Independence Day (skeleton crew)
Jul 4 Independence Day (full closure)
Jul 7 DHI/PhD - Last day to defend dissertation
DHI/PhD - Final dissertation/research project drafts and proposals to Advising Committee for review: 10 business days prior to defense date
Jul 7 MS – State of the Science drafts to Advising Committee for Review
Jul 19 Fall 2023 Registration Opens
Aug 1 Last day to notify Practicum Coordinator of Summer Practicum registration
Students planning to graduate in Summer 2023 must upload all required documents to the Graduation Course in Canvas by the posted due dates. Items required for graduation include; final degree plan, Student Clearance Form, Student Exit Survey, Diploma/Certificate Release Form, and Capstone Report/Dissertation/Translational Research Project in pdf format.
Aug 4 12W Last Class Day
Aug 4 PhD - Last day to Defend Proposal
Student - completed work to faculty
Aug 7 - 10 Final Exams/Evaluations 12 Week
Aug 10 Faculty - grade change to Registrar
Aug 14 Grades due in Campus Solutions
Aug 17 - 18 DHI Qualifying Exam