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Links to important forms and information for McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics students can be found on this page.

General Forms

  • Change of Academic Plan Request (pdf) (Docusign)
  • Directed Study Form (pdf)
  • Leave of Absence Request (pdf)
  • Petition for Equivalency Credit (pdf) (Docusign)
  • SBMI Resignation Form (pdf)
  • University Immunization Requirement Waiver Form (pdf) (Docusign)
  • Cover page format for M.S. Dissertation (pdf)

PhD Degree


DHI Degree

  • Advance to Candidacy Form (pdf)
  • Advance to Candidacy Rubric (pdf)
  • Translational Project Defense Form (pdf)
  • Translational Project Defense Rubric (pdf)
  • DHI Translational Project Paper Template (doc)
  • Translational Project Report Publishing Agreement (pdf)
  • Declaration of Advising Committee (pdf)
  • DHI Student Timeline Qualifying Exam (pdf)
  • Advancement to Candidacy Proposal Format (pdf)
  • Translational Project Order Form (pdf)
  • Petition to Extend Time Boundary for Approval of Candidacy or Defense (pdf)
  • Written Qualifying Exam Rubric Final (pdf)
  • Declaring Intention to Sit for Doctoral Qualifying Exam (pdf)
  • DHI IDP for Information Only (pdf)
  • Declaration of DHI Advising Committee (Docusign)
  • DHI Translational Project Cover Page (Docusign)



Updated: 01/03/2024