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Advanced Preceptorship in Biomedical Informatics

Advanced Preceptorship

Advanced Preceptorship is required for all PhD students. During Advanced Preceptorship you will develop and prepare your Advance to Candidacy Proposal including: defining your proposed research agenda; a review of the literature; research design, procedure and data analysis; collecting preliminary data; and scientific contribution to the discipline. The preceptorship is supervised closely by your mentor with committee involvement. An additional purpose of the preceptorship can be to identify the external reviewer for your Advance to Candidacy Exam.

Prerequisite requirements

Complete the following as they apply to your proposed research.

  1. Affiliation agreements
  2. Program agreements
  3. IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval

Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for information on agencies in which affiliation agreements are already in place or to create a new agreement.

When do I take Advanced Preceptorship hours?

These classes should be taken after the majority of your didactic course work is complete and before the Advance to Candidacy Exam. These 9 hours can be taken over more than one semester.

How do I sign up?

With the approval of your mentor, get approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.

Expected outcome?

Upon completion of Advanced Preceptorship, you should be prepared to schedule your Advance to Candidacy Exam. If your mentor and/or committee determine that you are not prepared for the exam, you will then register for directed study hours to complete your proposal. These directed study hours will not count toward your degree plan.