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Hua Tan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Hua Tan, Ph.D., joined the UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics (SBMI) in July of 2017 as an Assistant Professor. Before joining UTHealth, Tan worked at Wake Forest University’s School of Medicine first as a postdoctoral Research Fellow (11/2013-09/2016) and then as an Instructor (10/2016-07/2017). Prior to that, Tan was an Assistant Professor in the College of Global Change and Earth System Science at Beijing Normal University (08/2011-11/2013).

Dr. Tan received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Beijing Normal University School of Mathematical Sciences in July 2011, mentored by Professor Jiguang Bao. During his doctoral program, he was awarded a full scholarship from the Methodist Hospital Research Institute & Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University and studied Bioinformatics and Computational Biology there for 2 years (9/2008 - 8/2010). He received his B.Sc. in Information and Computing Sciences from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in July 2006.

Tan’s research work primarily focuses on applying mathematical modeling techniques, computational algorithms and bioinformatics approaches to address critical and challenging biological/clinical questions, by closely collaborating with biologists and clinicians. During the last years, he has worked on a series of significant topics regarding human cancer and other diseases, including cancer stem cell-driven tumor growth modeling in 3D, signaling-regulated kidney regeneration modeling in 3D, cancer-associated driver mutation identification, genome-wide mutational spectra analysis at both amino acid and gene levels, etc. His current research projects include: 1) integrating experimental data and systems biology approaches to explore the bone regeneration process within cytokine-loaded and pre-vascularized scaffold, and 2) investigating the general and particular mechanisms of microRNA upregulation of target genes in a pan-cancer manner.


 [email protected]
Phone: 713-500-3954
Fax: 713-500-3929

Staff Support

 Blanca Torres
Phone: 713-486-0114


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, 2011, Beijing Normal University
  • B.S., Information and Computing Sciences, 2006, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Areas of Expertise

  • Systems Biology
  • Computational Biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Complex system modeling
  • Cancer genomics


1U01AR069395-01A1 (PI: Zhou, XB) 09/01/2016-08/30/2021
Title: Systems modeling guided bone regeneration
The purpose is to develop coherent experimental protocols, material engineering and multi-scale mathematical models for systematically optimizing bone regeneration
Role: Co-Investigator.


Invited Book Chapters
  1. Tan H, Zhou X: Detection of combinatorial mutational patterns in human cancer genomes by exclusivity analysis. Methods in Molecular Biology 2017, Springer. Invited book chapter, in press.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers (in chronological order, *co-first, **co-corresponding)

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Conference Proceedings/Abstracts

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