Fees & Charges

Application Fee $60
Audit Fee per Course $25
Graduation Fee (see below) $75
Installment Use Fee $20
Late Installment Use Fee $15
Late Registration Fee $25
Returned Check Fee $25
Credit Card Service Use Fee (new fee) 1.25% (F'12); 2.5% (F'13)
Transcript Fee per Request $5
Student Liability Insurance Fee (fall semester) $14.50
Student Liability Insurance Fee (spring semester) $9
Student Health Insurance Fee (annual rate) $1,204
Student ID Replacement Fee $10/card
Laboratory Fee (see below) $10-$30
Student Services Fee (see below)
Information Technology Access Fee $33/semester
Computer Resource Fee $100/semester
Technology Fee (New fee - see below) $100/semester
Alternative Instruction Delivery Fee for Web Courses
- delivered within Texas $100/SCH
- delivered outside of Texas $750/SCH

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $75, payable at registration for the student’s final academic term, is required of all students. This fee covers expenses associated with graduation but does not cover rental of the cap and gown. This fee is charged whether or not the student participates in graduation.

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees are assessed in an amount to cover the cost of laboratory materials and supplies used by the student. These fees range from the minimum of $10 per laboratory course to a maximum of $30 per laboratory course. Each didactic course has a lab fee of $10. The practicum and preceptorship courses have a lab fee of $30.

Student Services Fee

The Student Services Fee is a mandatory fee assessed per semester credit hour to all students.  The annual fee is $499.65 with a maximum charge of $193.30 per fall and spring semester and $113.05 for the summer semester. The fee provides funding towards student governance activities, Student Health Services, Student Counseling, shuttle service, and recreational facilities. Optional family coverage for most student services is available. The schedule of fees is as follows:

Service Fall/Spring Summer 9-Month 12-Month

























TOTAL $193.30 $113.05 $386.60 $499.65

Technology Fee

Effective Fall 2012 a new Technology Fee will be assessed to all students at $100 per semester to cover the expenses associated with the software, hardware, programming, maintenance fees and technical support used by students.  The fee will support SBMI’s goal in achieving to be the best publically supported biomedical informatics school in the US by conducting the highest quality programs in education, biomedical informatics applications and research.  The fee will also allow SBMI in using the most current technology to train students and help attract the best and brightest students for their quality graduate programs. 

Optional Fees

  • Transcript Fee: A transcript of academic credits received at this University may be obtained upon written request to the Office of the Registrar, and submission of $5 for each transcript requested.
  • Audit Fee: For a fee of $25 per course, a student may elect to audit a course, i.e., attend the course without receiving academic credit. SBMI does not allow auditing of classes.
  • Transportation Expenses: Students are required to provide their own transportation to clinical sites.
  • Academic Regalia Rental: The charge for rental of the cap and gown is approximately $100. Information on ordering academic regalia is sent to students several months before annual commencement exercises.