Seminar Archive

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Date Speaker Topic
12/6/2017 Carl Vartian Risks, Benefits and Safety of Hospital EHRs 
11/29/2017 Peter Killoran  Implementation of an Anesthesia Information Management System – Lessons learned
11/15/2017 Kenna Shaw Precision Cancer Medicine: Neither Silver Bullet Nor a Dream Illusion
11/8/2017 Xiaobo Zhou Computational Systems Medicine: Look forward 
11/1/2017 Qiang Wei Reduction of annotation time for biomedical concepts extraction in practice
10/25/2017 Nadir Weibel Sensing, Understanding, Intervening: Human-Centered and Ubiquitous Computing for Health
10/18/2017 Safa Fathiamini Relational vs. Attributional Similarity as a Basis for the Identification of Drug-Gene Relationships
10/11/2017 Henry Wang Using administrative data to profile paramedic airway management performance
10/4/2017 Nick Navin Delineating Tumor Evolution with Single Cell Genomics
9/27/2017 Hua Xu Toward portable NLP solutions for healthcare – the journey of CLAMP 
9/20/2017 Wendy Chapman NLP Out of the Box: How Close Are We?
9/13/2017 William Paiva Transforming health care with health data analytics and predictive medicine
9/6/2017 Assaf Gottlieb Clinical and genetic-based patient profiles help compare and predict drug effects
4/26/2017 Jiajie Zhang State of the School 
4/19/2017 Jun Li  Clinical Trial Management System and Its Interoperability 
4/12/2017 Frank Manion  Ontology Engineering: Soliciting and Validating Knowledge From Domain Experts
4/5/2017 Mark Weiner  Clinical Data Analytics Idiosyncrasies 
3/22/2017 Jingcheng Du Understanding Twitter contents on vaccinations using multiple machine learning based approaches
3/8/2017 Qiang Wei  Cost Model based Active Learning for Named  Entity Recognition in Clinical Text 
3/1/2017 Devika Subramanian  Computational Thinking
2/15/2017 Luca Giancardo  Detection of Motor Decline in Early Parkinson's Disease by Interaction with Digital Devices
2/8/2017 Joydeep Ghosh  Eliciting Actionable Insights from Complex Medical Data 
2/1/2017 Scott Malec Using Background Knowledge to Tame Clinical Observational Data, a Use Case in Pharmacovigilance
1/25/2017 Hardeep Singh Improving Diagnosis in the EHR Era
1/18/2017 Marc Overhage Instrumenting and learning from the patient, provider, system interaction
1/11/2017 Genevera Allen  Mixed Graphical Models with Applications to Integrative Cancer Genomics
12/2/2016 Janet Wojcicki Leukocyte Telomere Length as Predictor of Metabolic Disease in Latinos
11/30/2016 Scott Sittig capABILITY: A mHealth solution for Chronic Disease
11/18/2016 Jiayin Wang Managing Data as a Product -- Digging by-products in cancer genomic sequencing data pipelines
11/11/2016 Xin Geng An exome-wide sequencing study of lipid response to high-fat meal and fenofibrate in Caucasians: the GOLDN cohorts
11/9/2016 Degui Zhi Population Genome Informatics and Precision Cardiovascular Medicine
11/4/2016 Pora Kim / Guangchun Han Bioinformatics Analysis of Fusion Genes in Cancer Genomes / Transcriptome analysis of Alzheimer’s disease
11/2/2016 Peilin Jia Multi-omics analyses towards understanding of the polygenicity in schizophrenia
10/28/2016 Jennifer “Piper” Below Functionally oriented association tests in complex traits
10/26/2016 Zhiguo (Stanley) Yu
Min Jiang
Analyzing Correspondence between MeSH and Topic Model / Using reranking method to improve parser performance on clinical text 
10/19/2016 Kang Lin Hsieh Developing an algorithm to early identify patients with high risk of T2DM by using EHR
10/14/2016 Jeffrey Chang Genomic drug repositioning leads to new targets for breast cancer metastasis
10/12/2016 Elmer Bernstam  Big [Clinical] Data in Health Care
10/5/2016 John D'Amore Striving toward Semantic Interoperability
9/28/2016 Jiajie Zhang State of the School
9/23/2016 Xiaoming Liu Whole exome and whole genome functional annotation using dbNSFP and WGSA
9/21/2016 Frank Manion
Scott Malec
An Ontological Representation of the U.S. Common Rule /
Inferring drug-ADE associations from clinical observational data
9/16/2016 An-Yuan Guo Transcription factor and miRNA co-regulatory network analysis and its application in complex diseases
9/14/2016 Yidong Chen Modeling gene regulation and modulation in cancers
9/7/2016 Jiang Qian Tissue- and single cell-specific gene regulation
8/31/2016 Alan Weiss Using Problem Lists Across Organizations
5/25/16 Jiguang Wang Clonal Evolution in Cancer
4/27/16 Murthy Devarakonda Watson Cognitive Computing - Rethinking the Patient Record
4/20/16 "Tuan" Amith / Chen Liang Evaluation metrics for biomedical ontologies / Analyzing multifaceted patient safety events
4/14/16 Luca Giancardo Computational Biomarkers with Imaging and Alternative Data Sources
4/13/16 Hua Li Innovative Multi-modality Imaging in Radiation Therapy: From Simulation Optimization to Tumor Response Assessment
4/6/16 John Frenzel Behind the Scenes of an Epic install, the MD Anderson Experience
3/30/16 Clifton David Fuller Informatics, Imaging, and Radiation Oncology
3/24/16 David Fulton Increasing Statewide Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)
3/16/16 John Calhoun Policy considerations for healthcare informatics tool development
3/8/16 Lixing Yang  The landscape of Somatic Genome Rearrangements in Human Cancers
3/8/16 Ramdas Menon,
Jason Phipps
Transforming our Healthcare System with the Aid of Health IT Innovations
3/2/16 Ken Chen Computational approaches for advancing cancer genomic medicine
2/25/16 George R. Gooch Increasing the size and scope of HIE while also building trust and confidence
2/24/16 Sahiti Myneni Towards personalized and data-driven health promotion: role of patient-facing social media and mHealth platforms
2/17/16 Robert Jenders Plus Ca Change: Health Information Technology Standards for Clinical Decision Support 
2/10/16 Barbara Berkovich Use of Registries as a Foundation of the Learning Health System
2/3/16 James Langabeer The comparative effectiveness of mobile telehealth technology in prehospital emergency care
1/27/16 Safa Fathiamini Automated Identification of Molecular Effects of Drugs (AIMED)
1/20/16 Kirk Roberts Natural Language in EHRs: Questions, Answers, & Images
1/13/16 Hulin Wu Precision medicine in the Big Data era: a rocket science perspective
12/2/15 Jiajie Zhang State of the SBMI
11/11/15 Jingcheng Du Post-marketing Vaccine Adverse Events Identification and Individual Differences Analysis
11/4/15 Jihad Obeid From 0 to 60 in 5 years...accelerating clinical and translational science through informatics
10/28/15 Jim Cimino How do we fix the EHR?
10/21/15 Min Jiang Transformation of EHR data to OMOP Common Data Model
10/14/15 Ajit Appari Is EHR meaningful use associated with hospital-acquired infections? Results from a national sample of US hospitals
10/7/15 Barbara Berkovich Quality Goals for Laboratory Screening: Does 100% Make Sense?
10/1/15 Xiaobo Zhou Big Data Sciences for Personalized and Precision Medicine
9/30/15 Yongqun Oliver He Ontology development and applications for clinical and biological adverse event data integration and analysis
9/18/15 Debora Simmons Healthcare Quality Challenges and How Informatics* (* this means you) Can Save the Day
9/16/15 Jeremy Warner Leveraging new and emerging standards to improve the care of oncology patients
9/9/15 Scott Sittig Persuasive Technology: Designing Triggers to Impact Behavior
9/2/15 Kun Huang, PhD Integration of BIG Biomedical Data in Translational Bioinformatics
9/2/15 Tiffany Champagne The evolution of health information exchange
8/26/15 Goo Jun Analysis of large-scale next-generation sequencing data for genetics of complex traits
7/20/15 Mary F. McGuire Patients (More) Like Me
6/23/15 Angela Ross An Outpatient Performance Improvement Project: A Baseline Assessment on Adherence to Pain Standards and Protocols
6/5/15 Generating Practice-based Evidence from Electronic Health Records
5/15/15 Blackford Middleton The Clinical Decision Support Consortium: A Five Year Retrospective
4/29/15 Muhammad "Tuan" Amith Construction and Evaluation of a Vaccine Information Ontology for Patients
4/29/15 Barbara Berkovich Use of a Custom Registry for Coumadin Management Across Inpatient and Ambulatory Settings
4/27/15 Zhiguo "Stanley" Yu Improving Retrieval of PubMed Articles Using the TopicalMeSH Representation
4/27/15 Catherine Pepper Concept Maps versus Mind Map versus Argument Map: Contributions to a Conceptual Analysis of Social Network Analysis
4/20/15 Chen Liang Knowledge representation for patient safety reports
4/20/15 Min Jiang Semantic Role Labeling of Clinical Text: comparing syntactic parsers and features
4/20/15 Guergana Savova Temporal Relation Discovery from the Clinical Narrative
4/2/15 Mia Markey 3-D Modeling-based Decision Support for Optimizing Quality of Life Following Breast Reconstruction
3/18/15 Lex Frieden Tips for Improving NIH Proposals
3/11/15 Viyod Vydiswaran Mining High-Quality Health Information from Online Resources: The Role of Big Data Analytics
3/4/15 Erez Lieberman Aiden How genomes fold: Now in the loop
2/27/15 Lam Alex Tsoi Systems biology approaches to provide inferences and discoveries for high-throughput experiments
2/25/15 Wei Zhao Molecular Characterization & Clinical Implementation of Breast Cancer Genomics using Massive Parallel Sequencing & Microarray
2/18/15 Kirsten Ostherr From Motion Pictures to Mobile EHRs: Using Technology to Communicate Medical Information
2/11/15 Sina Madani Use of Natural Language Processing in Enterprise Terminology Development
2/4/15 Hadley Wickham Pipelines for Data Analysis
1/28/15 Amber Johnson Informatics Challenges in Personalized Cancer Therapy
1/21/15 Trudy Millard Krause,
Cecilia Ganduglia Cazaban
Use of Claims Data in Health Services Research
1/7/15 Kirk Roberts From EHR Data to Answers: Harnessing Natural Language in Healthcare
12/3/14 Jiajie Zhang State of the SBMI
11/12/14 Kenneth Goodman Ethics and Health Information Technology: Learning Health Care Systems in a Digital World
11/5/14 Ivo Nelson Not for the Faint of Heart…How to Start and Build a Successful Business in Healthcare
10/30/14 Tyler Caruth Persuasive Technology to Engage Patients in Chronic Disease Management
10/30/14 Zhiguo (Stanley) Yu Correspondence of Topic Models and MeSH Terms for PubMed Abstracts
10/22/14 Rafeek Yusuf Human Centered Design in Wound Care Guidelines
10/22/14 Mehdi Rais Background & descriptive perspective of TMB disciplinary action data for inadequate medical records
10/22/14 J. Franck Diaz Towards a Framework for Standardized, Model-driven Data Quality Assessment for the Secondary Use of Clinical Care Datasets
10/15/14 Catherine Pepper Social Network Analysis in Public Health Systems
10/15/14 Craig Harrington A Usability Evaluation of a Patient Case Management Prototype
10/9/14 Robert Murphy Cloud-enabled Clinical Decision Support (CDS) at Memorial Hermann
10/1/14 Linda Harrington Stories From the Front Line of Informatics
9/24/14 Byron Wallace Automating Evidence Synthesis
9/17/14 Carlos Monroy Using Learning Analytics for Improving Training and Discovery
9/10/14 Yong Chen Robust methods for analyzing internet-generated data under biased sampling
9/8/14 Kai Zheng Modeling the impact of health information technology on clinical workflow