Research Seminars

All seminars are held at the University Center Tower 7000 Fannin Street, 6th floor (UCT E-612 & E-614), Houston, TX 77030 at 12 p.m. (noon) CST.

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All seminars are archived on the SBMI Seminar Archive page.

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Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 16 Guoning Chen Examples of Graph-based Scientific Data Processing and Geometry Processing
Jan. 30 David Mayerich Building High-Throughput Three-Dimensional Models of Tissue at the Cellular Level
Feb. 06 Jose-Miguel Yamal Extensions of Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Classification of Objects Based on Measurements of Embedded Observations within Each Object
Feb. 13 Deevakar Rogith Computational ethnography: learning from EHR log data
Feb. 20 Anirban Maitra Why is Pancreatic Cancer So Hard to Treat and What Can We Do About It?
Feb. 27 Andrew Routh Nanopore sequencing and ClickSeq to characterize viral RNA recombination, mRNA splicing, and polyadenylation
Mar. 6 Pat McGinnis Informatics as a tool for Health Insurance
Mar. 13 Salavat Aglyamov Dynamic optical coherence elastography for various biomedical applications
Mar. 20 Spring Break - No Seminar
Mar. 27 Xia (Ben) Hu Human-Centric Machine Learning
Apr. 3 Jiajie Zhang State of the School
Apr. 10 Navin Varadarajan Advancing cancer immunotherapy one cell at a time
Apr. 17 Henry Jones TBD
Apr. 24 Qiang Wei/Jingcheng Du/Xinyuan Zhang A System to Recognize Adverse Drug Events and Medications from Electronic Health Records /TBD/Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Clinical Images Using Deep Learning Algorithm
May 1 Todd J. Treangen The Promise and Perils of Microbial Forensics in the Genomics Era