Research Seminars

All seminars are held at the University Center Tower 7000 Fannin Street, 14th floor (UCT 1414 or UCT 1412), Houston, TX 77030 at 12 p.m. (noon) CST.

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All seminars are archived on the SBMI Seminar Archive page.

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Date Speaker Advisor/Introducer Topic
1/10/2018 Ergin Soysal NLP in healthcare administration: Quality measures and safety indicators
1/17/2018 Canceled due to weather
1/24/2018 Arif Harmanci Functional Genomics and Individual Privacy in Postgenomic Era
1/31/2018 Scott Malec Trevor Cohen Using the Literature to Deconfound Observational Clinical Data
2/7/2018 Amanda Hammel Robert Murphy Using a Pop Health Platform
2/14/2018 Ryan Walsh Update on UT physicians informatics
2/21/2018 Amy Franklin Engagement and Design Barriers of mHealth Applications for Older Adults
2/28/2018 Todd Johnson Information Visualization for Clinical Quality Improvement
3/7/2018 Joonha Chang Giancardo Luca Towards Intoxication Detection via non-invasive Natural Typing
3/14/2018 ***Spring Break***
3/21/2018 Yaoyun Zhang Domain adaptation for clinical information extraction
3/28/2018 Hua Tan Pan-cancer analysis on microRNA-mediated gene up-regulation through genetic and epigenetic regulations
4/4/2018 Safa Fathiamini Trevor Cohen Relationship Extraction in Emerging Domains: Challenges and Research Opportunities
4/11/2018 Kang Lin Hsieh Susan Fenton The Challenges of Using Temporal Representation in Real-World EHR Data
4/18/2018 Han Chen Computationally efficient gene-environment interaction tests in large samples
4/25/2018 Jiajie Zhang State of the School