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Research Seminars

All seminars are held at the University Center Tower 7000 Fannin Street, 6th floor (UCT E-612 & E-614), Houston, TX 77030 at 12 p.m. (noon) CT. Seminar viewers and attendees are encouraged to fill out the seminar survey.

All seminars are archived on the Seminar Archive page.

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Research Seminars  Innovation Seminars

Date Speaker Advisor Topic
1/10/2024 Sirui Ding, PhD   Towards Precise and Equitable Organ Transplant with Machine Learning
1/17/2024 Nevine Labib, PhD   Empowering Women's Health using AI
1/24/2024 Xubing Hao Licong Cui, PhD Identification of potential missing concepts in SNOMED CT
1/31/2024 Rui Zhang, PhD   AI for Advancing Cancer, Nutrition and Aging Research
2/7/2024 Yan Hu / Yuntao Yang Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD /Wenjin (Jim) Zheng, PhD Section-specific Annotation of PICO for Medical Evidence Extraction / Elucidating the role of SMARCB1 in bladder cancer progression through RNA-Seq data analysis
2/14/2024 Jeritt Thayer Amy Franklin, PhD Triangulating access patterns to capture context of clinical content
2/21/2024 Xiaotian Ma / Yao-Shun Chuang Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD Deep learning to predict rapid progression of Alzheimer’s disease from pooled clinical trials / Evaluating privacy breach in synthetic clinical notes produced by LLMs
2/28/2024 Yaobin Ling / Kaichen Tang Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD An Interpretable Causal Clustering Framework to Identify Responsive Subgroups from Clinical Trials / Automating stroke patient tele-rehabilitation evaluation and maladaptive action detection using single-site camera
3/6/2024 Yiming Li / Xu Zuo Licong Cui, PhD / Kirk Roberts, PhD AE-GPT: Using Large Language Models to Extract Adverse Events from Surveillance Reports-A Use Case with Influenza Vaccine Adverse Events / Identifying Genomic Data Sources from Biomedical
3/13/2024 Pora Kim, PhD   FusionNW, a potential clinical impact assessment of kinases in pan-cancer fusion gene network
Spring Break 2024
3/27/2024 Ivan Coronado Luca Giancardo, PhD Discovery of Cardiovascular Biomarkers Using Retinal Imaging and Vasculature-Specific Deep Learning 
4/3/2024 Tongtong Huang / Apollo McOwiti Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD Reduction of low-yield blood panel tests / Identification and classification of analytic features used in signaling unwarranted clinical variation
4/10/2024 Rongbin Li / Yan Chu Wenjin (Jim) Zheng, PhD / Degui Zhi, PhD Large Language Model Enhancing Drug Combination Prediction<
4/17/2024 Morgan Foreman / Alan Pan Amy Franklin, PhD / Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD A Culturally Tailored Framework for Improving Patient Activation with Digital Solutions: Supporting Black Pregnant Women with Hypertensive Disorders / Establishing a Multi-Modal Framework for Evaluating Stroke Systems of Care: Prediction of Sequential Patterns in Post-Acute Transitions of Care and Outcomes among Ischemic Stroke Survivors
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4/24/2024 Jiajie Zhang, PhD   State of the School

Updated: 04/24/2024