Research Seminars

All seminars are held from noon to 1 p.m. at the University Center Tower 7000 Fannin Street, room 1414, Houston, TX 77030.

Individuals who are unable to attend in person can watch the seminar afterward by clicking the seminar titles below, which link to the recorded presentations.

Seminar viewers and attendees are encouraged to fill out the seminar survey.

All seminars are available on the SBMI Seminar Vimeo channel.

No seminars scheduled for summers sessions.

Date Speaker Advisor/Introducer Topic
Jan. 21 Trudy Millard Krause &
Cecelia Ganduglia Cazaban
Elmer Bernstam Use of Claims Data in Health Services in Research
Jan. 28 Amber Johnson Elmer Bernstam Information challenges in personalized cancer therapy
Feb. 4 Hadley Wickham Todd Johnson Pipelines for Data Analysis
Feb. 11 Sina Madani Use of Natural Language Processing in Enterprise Terminology Development
Feb. 18 Kirsten Ostherr Peter Killoran From Motion Pictures to Mobile EHRs: Using Technology to Communicate Medical Information
Feb. 25 Wei Zhao Elmer Bernstam Molecular Characterization and Clinical implementation of Breast Cancer Genomics Using Massive Parallel Sequencing and Microarray
Mar. 4 Erez Lieberman Aiden How genomes fold: Now in the loop
Mar. 11 Vinod Vydiswaran Mining High-Qualtiy Health Information from Online Resources: The Role of Big Data Analytics
Mar. 18 Lex Frieden Tips for Improving NIH Proposals
Apr. 1 Mia Markey 3-D Modeling-based Decision Support for Optimizing Quality of Life following Breast Reconstruction
Apr. 8 Guergana Savova Temporal Relation Discovery from the Clinical Narrative
Apr. 15 Chen Liang / Min Jiang Cui Tao /
Trevor Cohen
Knowledge representation for patient safety reports / Semantic Role Labeling of Clinical Text: comparing syntactic parsers and features
Apr. 22 Stanley Yu / Katherine Pepper Todd Johnson /
Julie Brixey
Improving Retrieval of PubMed Articles Using the TopicalMeSH Representation / Concept Map versus Mind Map: Contributions to a Conceptual Analysis of Social Network Analysis
Apr. 29 Muhammad Amith / Barbara Berkovich Cui Tao /
Trevor Cohen
Construction and Evaluation of a Vaccine Information Ontology for Patients / Use of a Custom Registry for Coumadin Management Across Inpatient and Ambulatory Settings
May 6 No Seminar Finals Week