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Faculty Research Areas

Faculty Member Title Research Areas
Muhammad Amith, PhD Assistant Professor Consumer health ontologies, natural language processing, public health informatics, network analysis, mHealth
Elmer Bernstam, MD, MSE Professor & Associate Dean for Research Clinical practice guideline classification, information retrieval, consumer informatics, clinical decision support, CTSA director of the biomedical informatics component
Juliana J. Brixey, RN, MPH, PhD Associate Professor Patient safety, interruptions in workflow, social media in distance education
Han Chen, PhD Assistant Professor Correlated data analysis, high-dimensional sparse data analysis, statistical computing, meta-analysis, survival analysis, gene-environment interaction, genetic epidemiology, complex heritable human diseases
Licong Cui, PhD Assistant Professor Ontologies and terminologies, big data analytics, neuroinformatics, health information extraction and retrieval
Susan Fenton, PhD, RHIA, FAHIMA Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Workforce development, data management, ICD-10 implementation, health care associated infections (HAI's)
Amy Franklin, PhD Assistant Dean Psycho-linguistics, conversational negotiation and deception, reduction of medical errors
Lex Frieden, MA, LLD (hon) Professor Disability informatics; rehabilitation technology and robotics; health care access, effectiveness and costs; independent living; community-based service systems; disability rights; consumer empowerment
Luca Giancardo, PhD Assistant Professor Medical image/signal processing, Machine Learning, Big Data, translational medicine
Yang Gong, MD, PhD Associate Professor Clinical informatics, human factors, patient safety, human-centered design in health care, medical incident reporting and management systems, health information technology supporting aging-in-place
Assaf Gottlieb, PhD Assistant Professor Pharmacogenomics, machine learning, systems medicine, causal inference from observational data
Arif Harmanci, PhD, MS  Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, functional genomics, next generation sequencing data analysis, genomic privacy
Jonathan Ishee, JD, MPH, MS, LLM Assistant Professor Health policy, legal and ethical issues surrounding health informatics, health information exchange, patient safety, payment reform, privacy and security issues related to health informatics, unintended consequences of rapid health information technology adoption and use, medical identity theft, fraud and abuse issues
Peilin Jia, PhD Assistant Professor Computational biology, bioinformatics, systems biology, genomics, cancer genomics and psychiatric diseases
Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD Professor Healthcare privacy, Biomedical data mining, Computational phenotyping
Jingcheng Du, PhD Assistant Professor Natural language processing, machine learning, ontology, social media text mining
Constance Johnson, PhD, MS, RN, FAAN Professor Human-computer interaction, consumer health informatics, games for health, data visualization and health decision-making
Todd Johnson, PhD Professor Medical device usability and safety, patient safety and quality, human factors engineering, ontologies and knowledge sharing, information visualization, clinical data warehousing
Peter Killoran, MS, MD Assistant Professor Impact of Health IT on clinical decision making, integrating visualization techniques into EMRs, gathering and analyzing anesthesia EMR data
James Langabeer, PhD, MBA, FHIMSS Professor Clinical systems of care, cardiovascular quality and analytics, and health information exchange
Robert E. Murphy, MD Associate Dean for Applied Informatics & Associate Professor Clinical decision support, physician health IT adoption, clinical system implementations and quality and patient safety
Sahiti Myneni, PhD, MSE Associate Professor Consumer informatics, Health-related social media analytics, Data-driven digital health technologies, Idea to product translation (mHealth device development and testing)
Kirk Roberts, PhD, MS Assistant Professor Natural language processing, question answering, clinical information extraction, spatial information extraction and medical information retrieval
Deevakar Rogith, MBBS, PhD Assistant Professor Healthcare interface design, EHR development and usability, mobile health, Big Data analytics for patients and clinical intelligence and clinical informatics
Akdes Serin-Harmanci, PhD Assistant Professor Precision medicine, Machine Learning, genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics
Shayan Shams, PhD Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, deep learning & machine learning, Big Data, high performance computing
Dean Sittig, PhD Professor Design and development of new features and functions within Clinical Information Systems (CISs), implementation methods and strategies for CISs, evaluation and monitoring of existing CIS implementations
Hua Tan, PhD Assistant Professor Systems biology, computational biology, bioinformatics, complex system modeling, cancer genomics
Cui Tao, PhD Professor Applying semantic web and ontology technologies to clinical and biomedical applications, ontology generation and conceptual modeling, common terminology and ontology services, information extraction and integration
Hulin Wu, PhD, MS Professor Biostatistics, computational biology, computational modeling and bioinformatics tools
Stephen Wu, PhD Associate Professor Natural language processing, information retrieval, temporal data processing
Hua Xu, PhD Associate
Natural language processing, biomedical literature mining, health care data mining, named entity recognition, syntactic & semantic parsing, active learning, medication information extraction, informatics approaches to pharmacogenomics, drug-ADE detection from EHRs
Jiajie Zhang, PhD Professor & Dean Human-centered computing, medical errors, information display and visualization, cognitive science, medical decision making
Zhongming Zhao, PhD, MS Professor Bioinformatics, next generation sequencing in precision medicine, integrative genomics and systems biology approaches to complex disease studies, translational bioinformatics, genomic studies of mental disorders, pharmacogenomics and drug repositioning
W. Jim Zheng, PhD Associate Professor Bioinformatics, biological data mining & networks, genomics, systems biology, biomedical ontology and knowledge representation
Degui Zhi, PhD, MS Associate Professor Statistical genetics, bioinformatics, next-generation sequencing, haplotype phasing and imputation, genomic big data, machine learning and genetics epidemiology
Xiaobo Zhou, PhD Professor Bioinformatics, systems biology, imaging informatics, clinical informatics