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Pre-AMIA Event 2011

In conjunction with the AMIA Annual meeting, a Pre-AMIA event,The EHR Usability Symposium 2011: Usability Present and Future, was held on Friday, October 21, 2011 from 8:30am. to 4:30pm at the AMIA meeting site – the Washington Hilton.  The event was organized by SHARP-C, the ONC funded Strategic Health IT Advance Research Project on Patient-Centered Cognitive Support.

Goals of the Symposium included ensuring participants:

  • Understood the principles of human-centered design
  • Understood the significance of human-centered design and the consequences of technology-driven development
  • Use human-centered methodologies and techniques to evaluate health information systems
  • Use human-centered processes to design health information systems that have good usability

The speakers and panelists included representatives from academia, federal agencies, EHR vendors, clinicians, and patients.

The EHR Usability Symposium 2011: Usability Present & Future

Topics included panel discussions related to: 

  • Federal Perspectives on EHR Usability
  • Evaluation and Measurement of EHR Usability
  • EHR Usability in the Future
  • Vendor, Provider, and Patient Perspectives on EHR Usability 

NCCD Posters at AMIA 2011