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2011 Publications

  • Butler KA, Haselkorn M, Bahrami A, & Schroder K. Introducing the MATH Method and Toolsuite for Evidence-based HIT. (AMA-IEEE, 2011).
  • D’Amore J. The Promise of the Continuity of Care Document. Master’s Thesis School of Biomedical Informatics, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. 2011.
  • D’Amore JD, Sittig DF, Wright A, Iyengar MS, Ness RB. The Promise of the CCD: Challenges and Opportunity for Quality Improvement and Population Health. AMIA Fall Symposium, 2011:285-94. PMID: 22195080.
  • Description of Twinlist: Chao T. Visual techniques for medication reconciliation: spatial metaphor, animated explanation, and flexible decision-making (Undergrad Honor Project report - Dec 2011).
  • Feblowitz JC, Wright A, Singh H, Samal L, Sittig DF. Summarization of Clinical Information: A Conceptual Model. J Biomed Inform. 2011 Aug;44(4):688-99. PMID: 21440086.
  • Harrington, C., Wood, R., Breuer, J., Pinzon, O., Howell, R., Pednekar, M., Zhu, M., & Zhang, J. (2011). Using a Unified Usability Framework to Dramatically Improve the Usability of an EMR Module. Proceedings of AMIA 2011.
  • Markowitz E, Bernstam E, Herskovic J, Zhang J, Shneiderman B, Plaisant C, & Johnson T. Medication Reconciliation: Work Domain Ontology, Prototype Development, and a Predictive Model (AMIA Fall 2011).
  • McCoy AB, Wright A, Laxmisan A, Singh H, Sittig DF. A Prototype Knowledge Base and SMART App to Facilitate Organization of Patient Medications by Clinical Problems. AMIA Fall Symposium, 2011:888-94. PMID: 22195147.
  • Radecki RP, Sittig DF.Application of Electronic Health Records to the 2011 Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals. Journal of the American Medical Association 2011 Jul 6;306(1):92-3. PMID: 21730246.
  • Singh H, Classen DC, Sittig DF. Creating an Oversight Infrastructure for Electronic Health Record-Related-Patient Safety Hazards. J Patient Saf. 2011 Dec;7(4):169-174. PMID: 22080284.
  • Sittig DF, Ash JS. On the Importance of Using a Multidimensional Socio-technical Model to Study Health Information Technology. Ann Fam Med. 2011 Sep-Oct;9(5):390-1. PMID: 21911756.
  • Sittig DF, Singh H. Defining Health Information Technology-related Errors: New Developments Since To Err is Human. Archives of Internal Medicine 171(14): 1279-1282; 2011. PMID: 21788544.
  • Sittig DF, Singh H. Legal, Ethical, and Financial Dilemmas in Electronic Health Record Adoption and Use. Pediatrics 2011; 127:e1042–e1047. PMID: 21422090. doi:10.1542/peds.2010-2184.
  • Sittig DF, Wright A, Meltzer S, Simonaitis L, Evans RS, Nichol WP, Ash JS, Middleton B. Comparison of clinical knowledge management capabilities of commercially-available and leading internally-developed electronic health records. BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making. 2011 Feb 17;11(1):13. PMID: 21329520.
  • Tarkan, S., Franklin, L., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B. Design Guidelines for Ensuring Timely Management of Medical Orders.
  • Tarkan, S., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B., Hettinger, A. Z., Ensuring Timely Clinical Lab Test Result Management: A Generative XML Process Model to Support Medical Care [UPDATE VERSION UNDER PREPARATION].
  • Tarkan, S., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B., Hettinger, A. Z., Reducing Missed Laboratory Results: Defining Temporal Responsibility, Generating User Interfaces for Test Process Tracking, and Retrospective Analyses to Identify Problems (AMIA Fall 2011).
  • Wright A, Feblowitz J, McCoy AB, Sittig DF. Comparative Analysis of the VA/Kaiser and NLM CORE Problem Subsets: An Empirical Study Based on Problem Frequency. AMIA Fall Symposium, 2011:1532-40. PMID: 22195218.
  • Wright A, Pang J, Feblowitz JC, Maloney FL, Wilcox AR, Ramelson HZ, Schneider LI, & Bates DW. A method and knowledge base for automated inference of patient problems from structured data in an electronic medical record. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2011;18:6;859-867. doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2011-000121.
  • Zhang J & Walji MF. TURF: Toward a unified framework of EHR Usability. J Biomed Inform 2011; 44: 1056-1067.

2010 Publications