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EHR Workflow

SHARPC Leaders: Keith Butler, Mark Haselkorn

  • Integrating vendor-focused solutions with social-organizational issues in healthcare environments to increase stakeholder trust, adoption, and ownership of HIT.
  • Providing breakthrough tools that increase HIT adoption and meaningful use by making HIT function as an integrated, predictable, cost-effective means for health care delivery.
  • We expect our methods and tools to have a large impact in improving the adoption and meaningful use of EHRs by clinicians by addressing the urgent usability and workflow challenges in existing systems.

Product Demo


  • Berry ABL, Harrington C, Butler KA, Braxton M, Haselkorn M, Walker A, Oberle MW, Chung C, Pete N, & Nichol WP. (2013, November). Modeling workflows and work products in a multiple sclerosis clinic to guide the design of a new user interface. Poster session presented at the Workshop on Interactive Health Systems, Washington, DC.
  • Butler KA, Haselkorn M, Bahrami A, & Schroder K. Introducing the MATH Method and Tool suite for Evidence-Based HIT (AMA-IEEE, 2011)
  • Butler KA, Haselkorn MP, Braxton M, Lyon L, Nichol WP, Berry AB, & Chung C. Evidence-based Health IT for Patient-Provider Communication (CHI, 2013)

AMIA Panel

Grants Generated

  • Keith Butler, Mark Haselkorn, Jiajie Zhang, et al. Modeling and Analysis of Critical Care for HIT Improvement. AHRQ. 9/1/2012-8/31/2016.
  • Keith Butler, Mark Haselkorn. Tech transfer grant from the Center for Commercialization at the University of Washington. 2012.