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Safety Enhanced Design Briefs

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General Briefs

SEDB-G01 Making Effective Use of Color PDF More Info
SEDB-G02 Effective Table Design PDF More Info
SEDB-G03 Reducing Wrong Patient Selection Errors PDF More Info
SEDB-G04 Result Management PDF More Info

Specific Meaningful Use Cases

SEDB-MU01 Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks PDF More Info
SEDB-MU02 Medication list PDF More Info
SEDB-MU03 Medication allergy list PDF More Info
SEDB-MU04 Clinical decision support PDF More Info
SEDB-MU05 Electronic prescribing PDF More Info

  • SEBB-MU06.1

  • SEBB-MU06.2
Clinical information reconciliation

Medication reconciliation

Problem reconciliation



More Info


SEDB-MU08   Computerized Practitioner Order Entry PDF More Info

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SBMI NCCD Guidelines explanation

Please note:The content provided here are intended as guidelines (recommended, but not mandatory) for design and implementation, not as standards (mandatory, minimum requirements).  SHARPC Logo