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Who Should Use These Scenarios and Moderator Guide

About these Scenarios

Who should use these Scenarios

How to use these Scenarios

These scenarios detail the directions given to participants as well as a moderator guide for each Safety Enhanced Design Use Case. These scenarios are similar to those provided in NIST EHR Usability Protocol (NISTIR 7804). The data used to populate these scenarios was derived from a dataset of 100,000+ patients. Representative cases were created based on average number of problems/medications/labs ordered as well as the most frequent medications and tests. Our scenarios are intended to act as examples based on representative data.

Participants engaged in user testing should recognize these scenarios as fitting with their expectations for regular patient visits. If you are testing an EHR system in use with a specialized population (e.g. oncology, pediatrics etc), we recommend that these scenarios be modified to fit “typical” cases for your implementation site.

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