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Keith Butler, PhD., MS

Head shot of Dr. Keith Butler

Principle Research Scientist

Dr. Butler is at the University of Washington, and a co-PI for the NCCD project. He was formerly Technical Fellow in Math & Computing Technology at Boeing, and Director of Future Products & Architecture at Microsoft. His career is dedicated to making information technology more useful, usable, and cost-effective.

His current research is aimed at extending software engineering with modeling languages to make a clear, predictable connection between HIT and the needs of providers for health care that is more efficient, cost-effective, safe, and more readily available to people in all walks of life.

Dr. Butler is one of the originators of the field of usability engineering, past chair of the ACM conference on Computer Human Interaction, founding chair of the NIST industry advisory board on software usability, a member of NASA’s standing review panel on human factors research, and lead author for NIST on the ISO 25062 standard for usability testing.

Research Areas

  • model-based design
  • usability engineering
  • interactive problem solving
  • interactive scheduling
  • web experiments
  • information architecture
  • user interfaces specializing in search
  • ontology modeling