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Information for Researchers

Our Goal

To transform clinical and translational research by improving communication, integrating disparate data sources, delivering administrative applications and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Providing Support and Services to the Research Community

UT-BIG support includes data extraction for quality reviews, budget estimates for grant proposals, providing consulting services for organizations wishing to implement their own research support infrastructure, and Enhanced Subject Recruiting. UT-BIG currently offers two web based applications which can be used for study data collection and subject communication.

We offer a range of services in support of research hypothesis development, IT budget development, subject recruiting and custom application design. Here is a link describing our services in more detail.

As co-collaborator on simple to complex research projects, we have experience in data collection, infrastructure design, software hosting and ensuring compliance with HIPAA and university Security standards for protection of PHI (personal health information) and PII (personal identity information) compliance. Here are some of the projects in which we have participated and/or provided service.

Please note that any publication that results from utilizing these services should cite grant support. Instructions can be found on the following page.

Additional Resources