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UT/MH Image Request Core

We can manage imaging data requests for UTHealth investigators wanting to access the Memorial Hermann (MH) System PACS database (as of August 2022 over 22 millions of imaging sessions from multiple Memorial Hermann System sites).

The imaging requests are limited to what it is stored in the clinical PACS: CT, MRI, X-rays, and nuclear imaging.

The images will be retrieved in compliance with the UTHealth IRB and MH Privacy office protocol and typically they will be either accessed online through the MH Image gateway web app or copied to server approved by the investigator protocol.

Please fill in this form to start the request process: Image Request Form

Depending on the request, the following could be required:

  • UTHealth IRB 
  • MH Privacy office approval (The request to this office is automatically created by clicking on MH as one of sites/data source on the UTHealth IRB system (Iris). The investigators, then, will receive an approval letter from MH that should be forwarded to us. )
  • MH - EMR Access Request (Needs to be sent to MH directly if the investigator want access to the Ambra web interface) 

Depending on the complexity of the request, a fee may be charged to cover the costs of extracting the data. You will be given a quote before any work is started.


  • How do I create the cohort? Requests require attaching MRNs or accession numbers. 
  • Will you filter specific sequences, scanners, etc.? After receiving the images, the investigators will have to manually filter the specific image types they need as each different scanner/site use non-standard naming for protocol/sequence used. However, high level modalities filters exist.
  • I have received the data, but there are a lot of images that I do not need. This is the nature of a clinical PACS system. It will contain many redundant data due to post-processing, screenshots, image re-slicing, etc.
  • How do I contact you? You can email us at [email protected]