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Additional IT Services

Information Technology is a complicated and rapidly changing field that, if implemented properly, can greatly enhance your research productivity and efficiency. However, the knowledge, expertise and time required to evaluate and make these changes can be daunting; that's where we can help. The Biomedical Informatics Group (BIG) offers all manner of IT consulting and development services. Our analysts and programmers are experienced in the concerns and work-flows encountered in research and healthcare information technology and will work with you to make your technology ideas a reality. We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to:

Hardware, Software and Database Consulting

We know that it can be challenging the to make the right choice when evaluating your technology requirements, especially when confronted with the number of choices in the market place now. Our analysts can help you identify your needs, narrow that list down and make the best choice for your research goals.

Software Design and Development

So you know exactly what kind of functionality and features you need in your new software; the only problem is that it doesn't exist yet. BIG's programmers can take your software from the design and development stage through to deployment, delivering an application custom tailored to your individual research needs.

Custom and Automated Reports

The right studies and decisions can only be made by having the right data available. Our team can help you get that information by writing the optimal queries and creating the optimal reporting structures.

Mobile and Web Application Development

There are many benefits of mobile and web based applications in the research and healthcare environments. They enhance the ease of data entry and dissemination and they enable a multi-site team to work together more effectively; they also allow greater accessibility to the data and aid in its visualization and interpretation. BIG can design and develop the perfect mobile or web-based application for your unique situation.

Further Information

For additional information on how our group can help your group, please email us.