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UTHealth has joined with 48 CTSA hub sites to offer researchers access to over 60 million patient records through the Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) Network for discovery, exploration, and validation of patient cohorts for investigator-initiated multi-site or single site clinical trials.  More information about the Network, benefits, technical resources and regulatory information can be found at UTH ACT Resources.

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Gaining Access

There is no charge for usage, but UTHealth is required to report annual usage to the Network. Researchers, coordinators and study teams interested in querying data across the ACT Network will need to register for access.  The Network can also be used by UTHealth students engaged in research projects, working on their practicum or completing a thesis.  Visiting researchers and other guests can also access the Network with sponsorship from a UT faculty member. A UTHealth user id and password are required for access.   Request Access Here

Running Queries

ACT Network users can run real-time queries on de-identified patient data in the ACT Network using Shrine interface. The 'drag-and-drop' interface makes it easy to select query criteria.  Completed queries are retained in the Previous Queries window for future reference.  Studies limited to local patient participation should use the ACT/i2b2 link for running queries. Researchers undertaking multi-site studies will benefit from using the ACT SHRINE Link for running queries.

Additional Assistance 

Once you have completed your initial queries, determined your study is feasible, and are ready to recruit your cohort, you can use the Enhanced Subject Recruitment process request a list of potential subjects for your study.  Use this Data Request Form  to specify your study's inclusion and exclusion criteria, need by date and other information for processing your request. 

Should you be undertaking a multi-site study, BigARC can also facility assistance with ACT member sites if needed.