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2011 AMIA Posters from NCCD

Analyzing Information Needs in Critical Care Handoffs

Joanna Abraham, PhD, Vickie Nguyen, MA, Vimla L. Patel, PhD, DSc

More than Looks Alone: Cognitive Support in an Emergency Department Information System

Bjoern-Toby Berster, Ying Liu, MD, MS, Min Zhang, PhD, Vimla L. Patel, PhD, DSc, Jiajie Zhang, PhD, David Robinson, MD, Amy Franklin, PhD

Information Integration Model in Critical Care Settings: Role of Electronic Health Records

Dinesh Gottipati, BTech, Vickie Nguyen, MA, Sahiti Myneni, MSE, Khalid F. Almoosa, MD, Thomas G. Kannampallil, MS, Vimla L. Patel, PhD, DSc

Estimating Task Execution Time in EHRs Using the Keystroke-Level Model

Louis Lee, Yuanyuan Li, MD, MS, Krisanne Graves, MSN, RN, Amy Franklin, PhD, Muhammad F. Walji, PhD, Jiajie Zhang, PhD

Automated Inference of Patient Problems from Medications using NDF-RT and the SNOMED-CT CORE Problem List Subset

Jacob A. McCoy, MS, Allison B. McCoy, PhD, Adam Wright, PhD, Dean F. Sittig, PhD

Framework for Characterization of Cognitive Heuristic Use within Critical Care Settings

Velma L. Payne, PhD, MBA and Vimla L. Patel, PhD, DSc

A Metric for Measuring Cognitive Transparency of EHR User Interface

Zhen Zhang, MD, MPH, MSc, Yuanyuan Li, MD, MS, Muhammad F. Walji, PhD, Amy Franklin, PhD, Jiajie Zhang, PhD

Extracting and Inserting Meaningful Use Concepts into TURF (UFuRT) Model

Min Zhu, MD, MSc, PhD, Muhammad F. Walji, PhD, Jiajie Zhang, PhD