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SBMI NCCD AMIA 2013 Posters

Evaluation of Clinical Decision Support Alerts for Medications Contraindicated in Cancer Patients

Elise G. Brune; Dean F. Sittig PhD; Allison B. McCoy PhD

Evaluating A Cognitive Support System For Psychiatric Clinical Comprehension

Venkata V.K. Dalai, MBBS, MPH; Dinesh Gottipatti, MS; Thomas Kannampallil, MS; Vineeth John, MD, MBA; Trevor Cohen, MBChB, PhD
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Alert Overrides: The Impact of Chained Events

J. Franck Diaz-Garelli MS, Muhammad Walji PhD, Jiajie Zhang PhD, Amy Franklin PhD

Reflective Random Indexing to Develop a Medication-Problem Knowledge Base

Safa Fathiamini, MD, MS; Trevor Cohen, MD, PhD; Allison B. McCoy, PhD; Dean F. Sittig, PhD.
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Ontology-Based Information Extraction of Quality Metrics from Clinical Narratives

Sina Madani, MD, MS; Dean F. Sittig, PhD; Hua Xu, PhD; Parsa Mirhaji, MD, PhD; Victoria Jordan, PhD; Kim Dunn, MD, PhD
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A Systematic Yet Flexible Systems Analysis Framework

Eliz A. Markowitz MS, MS, Todd R. Johnson PhD, Elmer V. Bernstam MD, MSE,
Jorge R. Herskovic MD, PhD, Harold Thimbleby PhD.
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Individual Attributes of Behavior Change in an Online Social Network

Sahiti Myneni, MSE, Amy Franklin, PhD, Nathan K. Cobb, MD,Trevor Cohen, MBChB, PhD.
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Building for the Team: Developing a Model to Support Collective Effort

Vickie Nguyen, MA, Amy Franklin, PhD

Task Transition Decision Making During Downtime: Impact of EHR Systems on Performance

Kristen Presleigh, MPH, Vickie Nguyen, MS, Nnaemeka Okafor, MD, MS, Amit Mehta, MD, Jiajie Zhang, PhD, & Amy Franklin, PhD

Topological Visualization Uncovers Novel Clinically Relevant Clusters

Ryan P. Radecki, MD1; Eithon Cadag, MS2;Tanya Petrossian, PhD2

Comparative Analysis of Association Rule Mining, Crowdsourcing,and NDF-RT Knowledge Bases for Problem-Medication Pair Generation

Karthik Sethuraman; Allison B. McCoy, PhD; Dean F. Sittig, PhD

User-Centered Design of a Model-Driven Rule Authoring Environment

David Yauch; Barrie Bradley, MBA, MHSM; Matthew Ebert; Davide Sottara, PhD; Peter Haug, MD; David Kaufman, PhD; Robert A. Greenes, MD, PhD

Gaps in Functionality: Work-centered Design of Medication List in Ambulatory EHRs

Zhen Zhang, MD, MPH, MSc; Muhammad Walji, PhD; Amy Franklin, PhD; Jiajie Zhang, PhD

Student Design Challenge Entry: Reinventing Clinical Documentation

Groupware to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Team Communication

Anand Allam, MD, Minal Desai, MS M(ASCP), Adriana Stanley, BS, Jonathan Wolfarth, RN-BC, MA, MS
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